FAMM Information Session Replay


Fertility Awareness Mastery Mentorship (FAMM)

Join us in the next round of FAMM! We start on Jul 3rd, 2024, and our program runs until March 19th, 2025!


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Here's a snippet of what we covered in our most recent information sessions:
  • Why Lisa started the FAMM program, the difference between FAMM and other certification programs (Justisse, The Well, etc.), and why this program is a great option for busy practitioners
  • Overview of the FAMM certification program including class structure, time commitment, assignments, practicum, and topics covered in the program
  • Why professional training is necessary when you want to utilize the menstrual cycle as a vital sign
  • The certification process: what it entails and what makes it different from the existing FAE (fertility awareness educator) certification programs
  • Why charting your own cycles is an important part of the FAMM program
  • How FAMM can help you reach your business goals by creating a brand new offering in your professional practice


Join us for one of our upcoming Information Sessions:

- Friday, May 24th at 1:00PM EST (click here to register)


Book a call with Lisa if you have questions that we didn't get to during the info session!



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