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I’m Lisa the creator of the Fertility Friday blog and podcast. I am a certified Fertility Awareness Educator, a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, and I have personally used Fertility Awareness as my primary method of birth control for over 16 years. I started my journey after deciding to come off the pill at age 18. I had been on the pill as a way to combat the mind numbing cramps and ridiculously heavy bleeding I experienced every single time I had a period (even my very first period was excruciating!). With a family history of fibroids and hysterectomies I decided to ditch the pill and try to manage my symptoms on my own. I always knew I wanted children someday and even at a young age I was weary of taking a pill every day when I wasn’t sick.

Ironically I have never used the pill for birth control. I used it as a way to reduce my cramps and lighten my flo (or in other words to mask my symptoms). As for birth control I have always used fertility awareness in combination with barrier methods (successfully I might add!).

Although learning to record and interpret my fertile signs with the fertility awareness method has had a profound impact on my life it is only part of my journey, I couldn’t help but notice that my charts didn’t fit into the category of “normal” or “healthy”. My cycles were extremely long, I continued to suffer with intensely painful and heavy periods every month, and I was diagnosed with fibroids along the way. As empowering and exciting as it was to learn fertility awareness it didn’t provide me with the answers I needed to improve my overall health. I wanted to fix my periods and improve my fertility before I was ready to try for a baby.

The biggest shift happened for me when I changed my diet. I discovered the importance of eating for health and fertility, and all I can say is…the impact that food has on fertility cannot be understated.

After charting my cycles for over 15 years now I can’t even imagine not knowing where I am every day in my cycle. My passion is to help women just like you to develop body literacy and gain confidence using Fertility Awareness at all stages in your reproductive life. I love nothing more than helping women to say goodbye to artificial hormones once and for all!

There is a powerful connection between your menstrual cycle and your health. As I always say, your menstrual cycle is the 5th vital sign of your health and your fertility. When you pay attention to your cycles you gain access to a wealth of information about your health that may have taken years for you to discover on your own.

I created Fertility Friday to reach as many women as possible and share the freedom and power you gain when you understand your body.  My mission is to provide you with the information I wish I had when I was 19 and searching for answers, minus all the stress and mistakes I made along the way!

You’ll want to start by tuning into a few of the Fertility Awareness podcast episodes I’ve recorded over the past few years.

When you’re ready to jump in and learn more about Fertility Awareness I offer several programs to guide you in your journey to body literacy.


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