Fertility Awareness Mastery Online Study Course

With 4 modules, and 24 video lessons, Fertility Awareness Mastery provides is the most comprehensive fertility awareness self-study course available anywhere.

Topics covered:

Fertility Awareness & Reproductive Anatomy Essentials

  • What is Fertility Awareness?
  • How Your Fertility Works
  • How His Fertility Works
  • The Menstrual Cycle

Charting Your 3 Main Fertile Signs

  • Cervical Mucus
  • How to Check and Chart Your Cervical Mucus
  • How to Check and Chart Your BBT
  • How to Check and Chart Cervical Position

The Sympto-Thermal Method

  • The Sympto-Thermal Method
  • Using Fertility Awareness for Birth Control
  • Managing Your Fertile Window
  • Using Fertility Awareness to Conceive

Healthy Cycles & Optimal Fertility

  • What Does a Normal Menstrual Cycle Look Like?
  • Coming off The Pill
  • Lifestyle Choices for Healthy Cycles
  • Improving Sperm Quality
  • Who is on Your Team?

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